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KISS πŸ’‹ – Keep It Simple, Stupid – the golden rule of branding! πŸ˜‡

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 βœ… Don’t overcomplicate it or confuse people with fancy language and cluttered visuals. βœ… The simpler, cleaner and clearer your messaging and visuals, the more memorable your brand will be. βœ… Keep it to the point and straightforward. βœ… Use simple language, avoid industry jargon, make it easy for people to understand what you’re all about and how […]

You had me at β€˜Hello’!

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At various events I attend I tend to meet very well presented, successful entrepreneurs and business owners who are very happy to meet me…until I tell them I am a graphic designer and branding consultant.

You can visibly see the colour drain from their faces when I ask them for their business card. They sheepishly hand me a card and very politely apologise…