Your design and branding should flow through your business like the words flow through a stick of rock.

Your brand extends far beyond the reaches of your logo. That’s just the start. Your brand is your shop window to the world’s consumers and it needs to be as effective and as appealing as possible.

Consider your brand to be the foundation stone which your company is built on. You are offering your clients and customers a promise, a big idea and an expectation as to what you can give them.

Your brand’s identity is the tangible representation and expression of who you are and what you represent. It’s all about expression, communication and visualisation.

Your brand is everywhere. It’s on your business cards, stationery, website, brochure, invoices, signage and advertising. Its job is to increase awareness and grow your business.

Designstore is a ‘brand business’. We are empowered to create potent identities to ensure it is the catalyst to communicating your company to the world.